Gender-Responsive Projects
Covid-19 Response Projects of PHilMech

The Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PHilMech) is implementing nine projects in response to the global pandemic brought about by the Covid 19 virus. These projects provide technology interventions which aim to increase the productivity of farmers, increase their income and reduce postharvest their losses.

These Covid-19 response projects of PHilMech are gender-responsive. They have undergone the test on the Harmonized Gender and Development (GAD) Guidelines, ensuring that GAD elements have been mainstreamed in the activities of the projects.

  1. Improvement and Integration of Fluidized Bed Dryer to the Two-stage Grain Drying Strategy of Rice Farmer Cooperatives and Associations (FCAs) and Local Government Units (LGUs)
  2. Improvement and Integration of Greenhouse Solar Dryer with Biomass Furnace and Multi-Tray Drying Cabinets to the Processing System of Small Scale Agribusiness Enterprise
    • The greenhouse solar dryer with biomass furnace and multi-tray drying cabinets aims to increase production capacity with its bigger dryer capacity and shorter drying duration. The dryer will consistently produce high quality, naturally dried and food-safe products even during rainy periods at low operating cost.
  3. Pilot Adaptation of the PHilMech-KAMICO Designed Corn Mill for Village Level Operation
  4. Establishment of pilot briquetting enterprise for cacao pod husks and other related biomass
  5. Establishment of Small-Scale Fruit/Vegetables-Blended Coconut Water Processing Enterprise
    • This project will not only add value to unutilized coconut water during copra and VCO processing but will also increase income of small coconut farmers and processors. Moreover, it will provide livelihood and job opportunity among women in the community since the package of technology that will be used for processing is gender-sensitive, where women can fully operate them with ease and convenience.
  6. Establishment of Pilot Sugarcane Wastes Silage and Pelleted Feeds Processing Enterprise
    • This project aims to assess the technical and socio-economic performance of the sugarcane waste-based feed processing system under cooperator’s level of operation. By turning sugarcane waste into silage and pelleted feeds for animal consumption, the project expects to add value to sugarcane waste and generate additional income for sugarcane growers and livestock growers
  7. Application of PHilMech Mango Pectin-Based Edible Coating to Extend Shelf-Life of Mango
  8. Piloting of Modules for the Provision of Mechanized Planting of Onion and Other Vegetables
    • This project aims to mechanize onion planting and other vegetables to farmers through the provision of a service center. This service center provides mechanized land preparation as well as mechanized planting using PHilMech’s 10 and 12 Row Mechanical Seeders. Technology demonstration sites were also established to create awareness and accelerate the adoption of the technology.
  9. Accelerating the Development and Adaptation of Brown Rice Micro Mill for the Filipino Rice Farmers